Onwards and beyond…? open source is cool, but …

So, Scribus is fun! It has one serious lack though, it cannot produce – in a good and easy way to handle that is – tables. Now, it can produce a grid of individual text frames all aligned and grouped, but if I want to edit that I have to ungroup the frames and all becomes chaotic quickly with my shaky hands. Soooo… while I prefer open source software in most cases, I mean it’s free, it’s usually really good with only a few short-comings (if any), in this case it was paralysing the work.

I have tried to export tables through libre office draw (and writer and calc) to various types of image files, scalable vector graphic files and whatnot… the end result was disappointing, at least for the larger tables, the smaller ones were ok (as the one in the already posted preview, see previous post). So, if someone could tell me how to make/import good, large tables in Scribus 1.4.3, please let me know. For now I’ve resorted to MS Publisher, which is more than fine – although the pdfs exported doesn’t look as good as the Scribus produced ones. Oddly enough. Although I haven’t fiddled much about with the export settings. So, that’s that about publishing software – if you know anything please let me know.


So, after making the move to and creating a project-file in MS Publisher yesterday,  I’ve finished up most of the first part of the catalogue (for a second time), which includes some information about the places to visit on the Emporium, some of the various characters there – I leave these descriptions open and will only supply any stats for these potential NPCs if the community demands it, it’s easy enough for people to do themselves, and the less I provide rigidity the more a GM and group can make this place their own… right?

I’ve replaced the weapon entries with tables, and more general (sometimes more detailed) descriptions for various types of weapons is now in the text. This makes for slightly more writing, more editing and tweaking, but it is rewarding and makes for a more cohesive (I hope) reading experience. I’ve just started updating and cleaning up the melee weapons and melee weapon attachments section.

The ranged weapon section should be fine as is – I might need some more details in descriptions, hopefully some feedback (when another test is released) could help me there.

After the melee weapon section I’m not sure how to proceed, some attachments would/could appear in both sections, but in the interest of space I’m not sure how to handle that. Should I make a section that includes attachments for both types, and keep the exclusive ones in their own section? I’m nor sure yet.

After that is solved I will have the armour section, and then the gear section.  A lot of stuff need cleaning here. Some armour attachments need revisions, and some gear needs to be re-evaluated completely.

When that is done it’s onwards to the starship section. Visually this section will change a lot, but when it comes to content little will change, I mean some stuff will be removed due to recent releases of beta-books and core books, but the statistics of the starships will mostly be kept as is. Here is one issue; silhouette debate. Some starships fall in-between categories. Particularly the YZ medium transports and the YV-666. These could arguably be both silhouette 4 and 5, depending on configuration, source … and desire.

I have two solutions in mind. 1) make two different versions for each starship, one either being an “early” (smaller) model (or just an alternate take depending on preference of the GM) the other a “later” (larger) model or 2) present only one version of each, but supply a sidebar with suggestions for silhouette changes if the GM and/or group thinks the silhouette presented is wrong.

I mean a possible third option is to ignore the debate (and anyone saying that the stuff I’ve made seems off or wrong) and just publish my stuff like an arrogant, self-absorbed and stupid prick, but I like community efforts and I like to let stuff evolve, develop and change in collaboration. I mean those bastards do exist out there in the various RPG communities, I’d like not to be considered as one of those ego-wanking arse-hats though. Even if I am one, deep down inside.


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