Call-out to artists (or friends of artists)

Over the last few days I’ve been realising that I’d like to use original art, or fan made art, for Cartol’s Emporium.

This means a lot of stuff, but its mainly starships that I want/need. Now there are a lot of starships in the catalogue, just have a look in the Free-traders and freebooters catalogue, and most of these (with a few exceptions from recent published material) need illustrations, or… I’ve found stuff on wookiepedia and all, but I’d prefer not to use those images, nor any other official art, but rather use this unofficial fan-made resource as a showcase for the community, what we can do; for instance I’m adding what material I can from other people that let me use it, new armour, weaponry, gear and artefacts.

What I am lacking though is the art, I’ve been lucky to get to use the art of Khairul Hisham, he did some illustrations for me that I will also include in the catalogue, and I’m very grateful for his, he did excellent work based on vague descriptions. Now I’m looking for the starship designers/illustrators to help out!

I’ve put out one request on SWAG, but also notified the community on the FFG forums and on the G+ group(s) related to Star Wars RPGs. There might be other places I should go too, and perhaps some of you – if anyone is reading these updates – like to draw starships, or know someone who does. I’d love to get in touch with those people, either to see what they have done and would let me use, or let them have a pick of what is in the catalogue to illustrate, as of now it is only the YT- or YV-545 (I think) that has a fan-made illustration (thanks for Khairul Hisham at SWAG).


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