Converting: Encumbrance – Passenger capacity and quarters

Another little preview, a discussion on customising your starship without attachments.

Some starship captains wish to change business: why ship cargo and be alone on those long voyages, when you can ship people instead and get the company as an added bonus!

Converting cargo space to passenger space doesn’t require much work if it’s only seating that is required. Each passenger takes up about 10 encumbrance worth of cargo space. This includes the extra air filters, food and fuel storage. The cost is low, at only 250 credits per passenger seat added.

Converting space to quarters, shared bunks and facilities still only requires 10 encumbrance per passenger, but must be converted into a section, consisting of no less than groups of 4 passenger slots, either 4 bunks or two proper beds. Each passenger slot costs 500 credits for a total of 2,000 credits for a passenger section.

More expensive, separate and comfortable passenger conversions can also be done. Here the price and required encumbrance increases many times depending upon level of luxury and comfort desired. For instance a single-person quarter with about average standard would easily consume 15 encumbrance of cargo space, and have a starting price around 2,500 credits per room. A more stately single-person quarter would consume perhaps 20 encumbrance and have a starting price of about 10,000 credits.

The price in credits can of course become obscenely high due to luxurious material, foodstuffs, design and so on, even if the room does not consume more than 15, 20, 25 or 30 encumbrance.


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