And today…

… the post is about something else than Edge of the Empire and the FFG madness (so unless you’re really bored and would like to learn something about what I do, and have done, skip to the three last paragraphs for the game relevant update). I’ve been considering making a post on the revised HARP Fantasy, or some observations on HARP SF, but that would be pointless – I have hardly touched HARP F/SF the last few years, haven’t played it since 2008 and that was a one shot. The games are great, don’t get me wrong, it’s finding someone around here that would be willing to play it that’s the hard part (d20 fundamentalists are everywhere). When I lived in the UK fantasy roleplaying was the only real alternative, and it was my most serious delve into that type of gaming since I was, oh, 12? Here in Norway I’ve mostly GMed Star Wars. My fellow students in the UK were not into Star Wars, but found the idea of a deadly fantasy game quite exciting, so I gave it a shot. Coming back to Norway it was expected of me, more or less, to start GMing Star Wars – but of course any game would be ok, as long as I GMed something.

Eh. The post today is not to be about my return to Norway (in 2007), GMing experience and whatnot. I was thinking about making a post about what I actually do for a living – and what I hope to be doing for a living in the future. I will break it down into shortish sections.

1) I work at a social science archive. We document and archive social science surveys and research for open access sharing. It’s a tedious job – my position is as a student assistant (I’ll get back to that) – but important, and sometimes enjoyable. What I do is to document meta-data about data. Yes. Exactly. Then I go through all the variables, clean up labels and question text, make it all look more or less nice. Then I tag it all to make it searchable. At this point my work ends – most of the time – and someone else takes over and publishes it on the archive’s websites. I have two colleagues, which makes the work that much more bearable; I’m not alone!

2) I study. I live in a country where studying is expected of you, it’s free and the government pays you (or really, lends you money) for doing this. The result is inflation of the education, and you need a masters degree to apply for the most mundane jobs. What do I study I hear you ask? I study society, individuals and expert systems. Sociology. So, I’m probably going to be unemployed for a while after I finish my thesis unless: a) I get a (better) job at the archive where I work, b) I get another job offer somewhere (not likely) or c) I get a good enough result on my thesis so I can apply for a Phd.

3) What I’d like to do. Either go for a phd and continue my research into the meeting between forensic psychiatry and the court of law – which is what I’m doing now (22nd of July 2011, Utøya, Norway, in case you wonder why I research this stuff). Or find a job that can sustain me while I commit my free time to do the second most important thing in my life now (aside from breathing, water, food and family), write stuff for and play RPGs.

As some of you who visit regularly must have noticed, its quite a while since I last posted anything. And while I’d like to turn this blog into a pure gaming blog, dedicated to FFGs Star Wars RPG (and any other RPG I might play in the future), I’m too much of a narcissist to not share some more or less personal stuff.

So the question now becomes, why haven’t I released the Emporium yet? Didn’t I promise a pre-Christmas release? Yes I did, and as usual I broke my promise. Now most of the time the reason for breaking these promises are due to laziness or being hung over, but this time there was actually a good reason. While I’ve had the catalogue proofread by C.S.Ross over at Triumph & Despair, there is one thing that I’ve really been wanting all along, but which the community has only supplied in really small doses, and that is feedback and suggestions on the rules and extra stuff I’ve made. After I helped Donovan Morningfire with his and Cyril’s Species Menagerie, Donovan was generous enough to offer a helping hand concerning proofreading and editing, and while I was happy to receive yet another pair of eyes to have a look, I suggested that what I felt I wanted, and definitely needed, were insight into what I had made from someone else, preferably someone with an eye for these things. He agreed, and he did.

So, I’m really happy to say that last week he sent me his feedback, which I’m now going through and considering. I still have quite a few NPCs to conjure, and some starships to tweak, but … I won’t promise when, but … soon? When it’s done.


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