A list of to-dos

After going through Donovan’s suggestions I’ve made some changes, removed some redundant bits and pieces. There are still some parts I’m considering, slowly realising that they might be unnecessary. It takes some measure of will and open-mindedness to let go of my creations. I’m getting there.

So, while still making up my mind on some of that stuff I’ve made a list of NPC stats I want/need to make to complete this catalogue. It’s longer than I thought. Close to 30 stat lines it seems to cover all my bases – although I might refer directly to the Core book(s) for some of these.

Additionally, without giving too much away I’ve slowly started on an adventure based on stuff presented in CE. This won’t see the light of day in a long time, but it’s something I want to do properly. Considering I have very limited experience with making full on adventures in the “pre-made” style, it will take time and I will need input as well as extensive play-testing.

Also, for anyone interested in collaborations, I’ve been considering an Imperial Source book of sorts, basically a small guide on how to tweak EotE and/or AoR to be used for playing imperial characters. What I’m thinking is to produce text on how to use Obligations and/or Duty for imperial players, player character concepts (particularly how to fit alien species into the mix as imperial operatives), how to make use of the various careers and so on – for AoR this isn’t a big issue, but perhaps some ideas for the EotE careers? This is a continuation of my earlier catalogue called Known Threats which I stopped working on a while ago. If you have ideas or would like to collaborate, let me know.


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