Spread sheets and the wonders of libre calc

I’m now full on into the NPC production, for some reason I kept putting it off… weird that when you’ve got 30something npcs to write out and feel that life should be different… So, anyway, I made this list, which I thought was a good idea, that way I could see how many I’d made and how many were left… still nothing were being done. Then today I realised, hey why not write it all down there, in libre calc? and then move it into the catalogue when it’s all done?

So that’s what I’m doing now. Most stats are down, now to skills, abilities and equipment. What I love about this is that I do not really have to consider the PC creation rules, I do not have to base the derived stats upon the primary stats… it makes me happy, I can make them as I want them.

I’ve also removed some more stuff from the catalogue, stuff that I’ve realised is basically just replications of other effects, but “fear” not, there’s still some stuff left.

In other news, Suns of Fortune is now out, at least some people have started to receive it – not me though, I live on the wrong side of the Atlantic to receive any new products as they come out, but give it a few weeks and I’ll have it. Still, people are nice and answer questions – I know now that this book does not overlap that much with the stuff I’ve made, which I find odd. I think there is only two ships in the new book that overlaps with my catalogue, so those will of course be removed from the finished catalogue.

Until next time, stuff is being done.


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