Pom, pom! Pommelom!

No, it’s not done yet, sorry. Stuff is in the way, but! BUT! I have finished the NPCs, only small touches are now needed to make them finished, so I’ll start put them into indesign sometime next weekend – the coming weekend is packed!

I have now made stats for Cartol, Joonaz, Mobe and the rest of the lovely bunch.

I have also tweaked a few bits more, and now have more official stuff to compare my work with so I can make some further adjustments, in case I feel it’s necessary – and in some cases it might be.

Now, I have to start preparing the first session of 2014, Friday’s the day. They will have to deal with some COMPNOR agents, tax and revenue laws, jungle and meanies. Now I only need a reason why, and a hook for the session after – which probably won’t be before March at the earliest, April and May won’t work – final deadline for thesis about then.


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