So what else is on the horizon?

So now that the last one and a half year of work is done, presented, posted, published and available for all the critics and gamers out there, I’m feeling slightly content and happy. The last 6 months it’s been hanging over me like an ulcer, with this catalogue (I felt some sort of duty, or obligation really, to the community to finish this and present it in as good a condition and design as possible, I think I succeeded), the thesis (forensic psychiatry in Norway after the 22nd July massacre 2011, is pretty heavy shit, but important!), family business (two deaths and now incurable cancer) and other private matters (I’m becoming a hermit). It’s good to be done with the catalogue at least, to put this product behind me so to speak and look forward (finish up the thesis, become the hermit), to start new projects and make other stuff – and to expand on what has already been created, but as new things, not as revisions and continued tinkering.

As I’ve alluded to earlier I’m in the process of making some sort of Imperial source book, this is however very much more in my head than anything on paper or in actual words. I have this other thing to finish, a sociological thesis – I know I keep going on about that, but it’s important to remind myself what I’m supposed to be doing.

Aside from the Imp book, I will continue to sporadically support the Emporium with updates on the blog. These updates will mostly be new stuff – although “errata” or changes to the catalogue might also pop up here from time to time, if any big changes were to be made (after some more test runs and potential feedback from other groups). Another part of the “support” will be some adventures or modules I have planned, based on the hooks and mysteries presented in the Emporium, but don’t expect anything of that nature before the summer (i.e. June/July/August) at the earliest. These will be slightly based off my own group’s adventures and exploration of the environments I’ve created, and there won’t be time for much gaming these semester.

I also plan to publish some of my planned GSA articles here, as it seems the GSA is dying (or going into coma) – I’m still hoping, but I’ve received no reply to the last two emails I sent (not that these demanded reply). Perhaps they’re planning something grand, who knows, but as it stands I don’t think the GSA is the safest bet to get some of this stuff published any longer, its been a month (almost to the day) since the last article got published. I hate to say these things, as the GSA is an already established institution and provides good stuff and has a wide range and large base of readers. It also gave me a venue to publish some of my own stuff and learn more about writing these things for a wider audience. I’d hate to see it disappear, but at the moment its inactivity is scary and disheartening.

So that’s it for now. I hope you enjoy the catalogue and I look forward to get any feedback on that, and future creations I intend to present here.


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