Somewhere in the Arkanis sektor…

Without further ado:

“Two days from Tatooine. Two days in the darkness just… Flying, drifting, moving. These were the coordinates and now the Ruby Damnation and it’s crew were there. Nothing. Blackness. The twin suns distant and nothing else, sensors blank.

The first day after arriving Jace started up his galaxy box, played through the whole day, and the next. Che was nowhere to be seen as usual. Thracken… Thracken was drunk in some maintenance crawl space, out cold now, the thrashing had stopped maybe yesterday, or the day before. The sound from Jace’s gaming had drowned every other sound. He had stopped now. Ghia was checking her medkit, when she wasn’t checking the sensors or looking out some viewport. She had right to be nervous, she sent the message, Cartol replied, but was it really him? It was just a text, no voice or holo. Did he carry a grudge? Was he really still alive? Blue sat with her polyhedron thingamajig, fondled her uct or checked her rifles. How odd these organics were. They think we sleep, but Cyris is only starting to awaken, we just need time to sort it through.

Third day in space, Jace sat in the cockpit, staring at distant stars and playing with the manoeuvring thrusters rocking the ship from side to side. Sometimes reading the message from home, and the one from Imperial Revenue Services. He was obviously on edge. Things were starting to catch up, not good.

He read the message from his mother again, smiling at the reassurance that his brother was doing well as a waste disposal officer. Good for him. Steady job, steady pay, perhaps a wife and family soon. The proximity sensors screamed and the view port was no longer filled with dead and empty space, but the side of capital ship. To starboard Jace could see a large wheel-like structure closing in. The Ruby Damnation‘s engines flared as it shot between the wheel and the front section of a Nebulon-B frigate. As it came about Jace could read the name “Cartol’s” above the upper hangar bay. The com announced an incoming transmission: ‘The emporium of useful things and shinies is here!'”




3 thoughts on “Somewhere in the Arkanis sektor…

  1. Congratulations for the Catol’s emporium ! it’s Great job ! Can I translate and post on Edge forum some of contents for a french players ?

  2. I adore the people who have put their time, hardwork and ideas into this book. It is a must have adding additional content and flare to the current generation of fantasy flight games star wars rpg collection. It will most definitely be utilised by my players with their ever growing lust for the newest and most effective weapons, ships and enhancements. I am very thankful for this free content and will be ever watchful for more.

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