Risk, doubt, theory and the future


This post will mainly concern the future – the risk, doubt and theory refers to the theory chapter for my thesis that I’m finishing these days: deadline June 15th, hopefully I’ll manage that. After that: the future!

So, what about the future? We can but hope as all accidents in an infinite space are inevitable. Although, what I do know is that: I’ve got a job (however temporary) so I’m not unemployed once June is over, which is nice.

So, with that out of the way, the next question is what about this blog? What about future stuff and updates? Well, that is a good question, one that I want an answer to myself. Due to recent events I find myself in a position that I’d really like to continue this blog and the work that goes with it – of course with a new full time job and other stuff, it’ll require adjustment on my part – I find myself wanting to create adventures and modules, sites, planets, new vehicles, convert other old stuff, continue to fill blanks not yet covered by official material, but most of all I’d like to make new stuff. Stuff that won’t eventually be covered by FFG. Why? Well, however rewarding it is to convert stuff for the community and my own game, the feeling that appears once some of it is covered by official material is a weird one – and it’s not satisfaction.

So, I have already created something new in Cartol’s Emporium (CE), mainly the frigate itself and the inhabitants of it I mean, not the supplement in its entirety. I’ve been planning an update of it (I know I promised not to), but it’s mainly typos and the stat lines for the starships, they don’t print well I noticed so I need to remake the blue graphics component at the very least. I’ve also promised a black and white/grey scale version of it, one which require less ink to print at the very least.

Beyond this I have some thoughts for a series of adventures tied to CE and its inhabitants, tying into the adventure hooks and mysteries section. I’m sort of at a loss of how to do it: modular encounter type scenarios, or a more premade and complete adventure module. It’s not that I expect other groups and GMs to use my hooks and mysteries, but they were made with that in mind, so whatever I end up making should only be regarded as one alternative story or version. Other thoughts include unfinished articles for the GSA that I’m gonig to release here now, or perhaps The Mad Adventurers Society. Additionally there’s the imperial sourcebook idea I’ve been thinking about and of course actually restarting/picking up playing again once the thesis is handed in – I haven’t played properly since February I think… been soooo loooong…


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