Don’t be a bastard, life can’t help it.

It was the dawn of the thirty first year of Audun, ten years after the Devon incident. The Master Project was a dream given form. Its goal: to prevent unemployment, get a job where humans could work out their differences peacefully and feel meaningful. It’s a port of call, a home away from home for students and researchers. Humans and aliens wrapped in lots of brick, glass and steel, all alone in the night. It can be a dangerous place, but it’s Audun’s last, best hope for results. This is the story of Audun’s last semester. The year is 2014. The name of the place is Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies.


So. It’s done.

This means that I can return to my creative endeavours and start making stuff that does not involve governmentality inspired analyses of interview data produced/gathered from psychiatrists, psychologists and judges. It means I don’t have to care too much about risk, morality (of risk) and stuff like that for a while.

So. What was I going to do next … ?


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