Touring the Rim: Tarillion Station

Life happens and things get left in pieces, forgotten… until remembered! It’s been a while since I started this series. I now return with a new location for Touring the Rim.
This series originally started on the GSA blog (first instalment; second instalment), but due to that blog’s recent inactivity I will continue it here. This series of articles intend to supply adventure hooks, locations and seeds in the most open-ended sense. It will present locations, both mobile and more permanent, that can be found in the galaxy. Some small and remote, other larger and accessible. The level of detail for each location will out of necessity vary. This instalment presents a space station located near the Gree Enclave in the Veragi sector.

“Tarillion station! Behold this rhombicdodecahedron wonder! Older than the last incarnation of the Republic! This seemingly derelict space station is in fact thriving with life, trade and technology… yeah, the reasons your sensors show no life signs or life forms is because the whole station is shielded by some old exotic technology. I suspect it’s of Gree make, they’re the closest and oldest species in the neighbourhood…”

Tarillion Station

Located in deep space somewhere in the Veragi sector Tarillion station is living history, evidence of the older species’ ingenuity. The station houses some thousand sentients of various sorts. It’s hangar bays vary in size from small one man starship bays to enormous bays that can fit numerous small sized capital ship vessels. The long history of the station makes it impossible to know what it’s purpose was (or is), who built it, run it, manned it, or when it became operational. It has been compared to Centerpoint Station by some Corellian explorers, but the similarities lie only in age, and the obscurity of its origins.

Tarillion’s inhabitants in the Dark Times and Rebellion era is mostly exo-tech hunters and traders, or explorers stopping over on the way back to civilization from scouting the borders of the galaxy. Imperials do come by, but the Empire has not taken possession of the station for some reason and has no (official) permanent presence. Many criminal cartels on the other hand have at least one representative on the station, which has resulted in the station being carved up into sectors controlled by various gangs and cartels. Due to the size of the station these sectors are rather small, and most explorers and scouts can easily avoid these areas. Conflicts between the gangs are rare as resources are scarce and the station’s own security system has locked down large sections of Tarillion, particularly the shortest routes between the various gangs.

Since the central core of Tarillion is inaccessible, most inhabitants live in the outer layers of the cubic shaped station, near the hangar bays and other access points. Within this labyrinthine structure of corridors, tunnels and chasms lives creatures aeons old, hermits and small communities of sentients who left the galaxy a long time ago. The gangs and traders have colonized most of the larger hangar bay and the surrounding levels, but this makes up just a fraction of the station. A curious, and properly equipped individual can spend a life time exploring the depths of Tarillion.

Doma Bunko

The three largest settled sections on Tarillion are within a few days of walking distance of each other had not the security system closed off most of the corridors directly connecting them to each other. The largest is by far the Hutt cartels’ Doma Bunko. This section consists of one capital ship sized hangar bay and several smaller ones. Docking fees are extortionist, but they include refuelling and restocking, and comes with one drink voucher for every crew member at the night club Toma Duswa. The Hutt cartels’ offer business, services and entertainment. Their section covers about 3 cubic kilometre of levels, more than enough to get lost and killed if one is not careful. The only large open areas are the hangar bays and fighting pit at Toma Duswa. The standard of living and accommodations in Doma Bunko is above average, some quarters and areas of Toma Duswa is opulent and luxuriously decorated.

Individuals of note:
Tiragga the Hutt

The Hutt overlord on Tarillion is Tiragga. An old and experienced Hutt, it must have been quite a curious series of events that sent this Hutt out here so far from anything civilized, and huttish. Tiragga rarely holds audiences, although he does from time to time oversee the pit-fighting at Toma Duswa. Rumours have it that Tiragga is resentful for being sent here and is working on some revenge against his rivals back on Nal Hutta. He rarely recruits operatives, unless they have shown considerable ability and loyalty to Tiragga. To Tiragga it appears loyalty is neither bought, expected nor asked for. Loyalty comes freely and by choice. Because of this his inner circle is small, but they trust each other fully, as Tiragga trusts them. Any doubt meets swift, and at times lethal, reactions. Many pit-fighters have been earlier advisers or employees of Tiragga that got a bit too confident, and greedy.

Doya Crayb
Doya is Tiragga’s Twi’lek major domo, executioner and accountant. He’s a mellow and curious person, particularly interested in capable and skilled individuals. He seems trusting, and many has fallen for this deception. He offers small, odd jobs for those he considers capable, anyone else he ignores, in a kind and apologetic manner.

Marshal Enna Saerda
The Weequay chief of security, recruiter to the pit fights and the overseer of Toma Duswa. Usually seen walking the hangar bays or Toma Duswa Enna is always looking for potential security risks, but also new employees. She is dressed up in laminate armour and carries a Force Pike – usually set to stun. Enna’s security force is small, but extremely effective.

Zeltron proprietor of Toma Duswa and business partner of Tiragga. She usually wears too sweet perfume, smiles a bit too much and acts just that little bit too nice towards new customers. Her staff consists of mainly females, providing customers with drinks, food and drugs – or whatever that is in stock. Oovee is not happy with her location so far from the core, but her reasons for being here seems to negate any wish to travel any closer to more civilized, or settled, areas of space.

Section Nem

The second largest settled area on Tarillion is controlled by Black Sun and referred to as Section Nem. It covers a significantly smaller area than Doma Bunko as Black Sun has been – until recently – less interested in exploring the station. This section covers perhaps 15 or so levels, three hangar bays, and capital ship docking umbilicals. Until recently Black Sun rarely allowed docking for anyone except their operatives. The reason for this change of behaviour remains a mystery. Their docking fees are somewhat more reasonable than that of Doma Bunko, but they charge extra for refuelling and restocking. They offer a trading area and have a few cantinas for visitors, but most of Section Nem is closed to visitors. The standard of living and accommodations in Section Nem, what there is of it offered to non-Black Sun operatives, is reminiscent of poorly cleaned military barracks.

Individuals of note:
Kenzer Oax

Chief of operations at Section Nem this Falleen operative betrays his military upbringing in everything he does and expects from his subordinates. He is a recent addition to the base, replacing his predecessor, an Iktotchi named Coya Illner, after the latter’s disappearance and assumed demise during a recent exploration mission into Tarillion.

Bovain Eori
Oax’s human first lieutenant and the second in command at the base. Eori takes care of security, she also handles business with outsiders. Anyone caught where they shouldn’t be will be interrogated by her, after being properly roughened up by security personnel.

Entar Ploo-ya
A male Kel Dor, works as a recruiter for Black Sun, has recently started to hire free agents for exploration work in the surrounding areas of space, but also Tarillion itself. Entar still attempts to recruit likely prospects, particularly after they have performed well on a job and has shown loyalty towards him. His exploration work goes unnoticed at the moment, but to a perceptive individual it should seem obvious that there are some ulterior motives in Entar’s actions. Whether he is acting against Black Sun centrally, the Vigo above Kenzer or just Kenzer and Bovain remains to be discovered.

Zone Zerek

The third section, which is only slightly smaller than Section Nem, is controlled by explorers, traders and unaffiliated groups of entrepreneurs and pioneers, it is referred to as Zone Zerek. This chaotic mix of spacers and traders have come together in the mutual distaste and fear of the Hutts and Black Sun. The section covers about 10 levels, and two large hangar bays. Most of the section has been closed down by Tarillion’s own security system, but the lower levels have a beautiful view over a large open are within Tarillion – inaccessible from anywhere. This open areas is usually referred to as the Open Complex. Zone Zerek is also offers refuelling and restocking, at quite high prices, although docking fees are usually low. There is a number of cantinas and pubs around the section, a lot of small vendors and a small market place for the curious. The standard of living and accommodations is below average at best in the common areas and corridors.

Individuals of note:
Kayn Nebulous
A human archeologist and explorer known in some circles for his extensive knowledge of Gree technology. He serves as a sort of leader of this Zone Zerek, but he demands no position of authority or deference, he firmly believes that mutual respect, cooperation and equality is enough. He is usually seen at the market place or in one of the hangars, when he’s not off on one of his often week to month long expeditions into Tarillion, he usually grunts non-committally when asked about these. Although he does recognise explorer, adventurers and competence, which can lead to hours of talking, monologuing and detailed retelling and analyses of his findings and research. From time to time he has been seen leaving in his ship Starburst Express.

Starn Ustima
Female Nautolan explorer-gone-merchant has become famous on Tarillion for having discovered new populated worlds, where she is now trading any space faring technology for other resources and materials. She keeps the locations of these worlds a secret. Rumour has it that she’s building her own empire out there, somewhere on the edge of the galaxy. Starn laughs at this rumour if confronted with it, seeing it as ironic that she would be building her own empire, when empires and governments are the reasons she fled out to the edge of the galaxy.

Maiora Untaithi
Local sage and keeper of wisdom, Maiora is a female Ithorian with a keen interest in technology. She stays in a small room with a view of the Open Complex. She provides information and medical help for those that need it, but she is also quick to anger and it is rumoured she has supernatural powers. She keeps to herself after fits of rage, but will soon welcome visitors again. She require no payment, except what is offered.

What about the rest of the station?

Other settled sections also exists, but these are usually smaller, some without a hangar bay and only airlocks and docking umbilicals as ways of entrance. These include small religious communities, small smuggling operations, exo-tech hunter groups and older settlers escaping here from some forgotten conflict or other. They remain mostly uninterested in the larger settlements and try to avoid notice. Of course, hidden cells of ISB or other Imperial operatives might certainly exist, however if they do they have little overt influence on the other sections and settlements on Tarillion. Their presence has gone unnoticed for a while if they indeed are present.

A few sections can access each other from within the station, through smaller or larger corridors. Mostly it seems that whomever run or built Tarillion wanted the inhabitants to remain separate from each other – whether this is out of safety for the inhabitants and creatures aboard, or some other ulterior motive, can only be speculated on. Most of the inhabitants appreciates this, and seems to have accepted that this place has a will of its own, as long as they can go on with their lives.

Denizens of Tarillion Station PDF [Link up-coming!]


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