Force and Destiny beta, life, stuff and things

So. The FaD-beta is soon over, in another week or so. At least that’s what I expect. Due to this and other recent releases and announcements it seems to be about time to look over Cartol’s Emporium again, to remove overlap and add stuff more in line with what presented in the beta book. I’m now searching for the old files (I had a hdd crash a few months back) and will, hopefully, start on the update this or next week.

The discussion about the FaD beta over on the FFG forums has from what I’ve seen been ok to good. It seems the best suggestions from the community has – so far – been largely ignored by the developers. Still, many of the changes made so far has been for the better. I’m excited about the last beta update, to see if there are any other substantial changes before the beta is officially over.

Without going too much into it I’d like to explain why activity on this blog hasn’t changed as promised almost 5 months ago. Short answer: Life. Not a very satisfactory answer I know, so perhaps I should add a few more words to that. I lost my father and a niece last year (as some of you may know), a few months later my mother was diagnosed with a rare type of lung cancer. I still managed to finish my thesis in time and get a job. My mother is still alive, but we don’t know for how long. I’m getting a new job next week. I’m still intending on applying for a phd position sometime next year, I had to skip this year. The reason for not applying this year is related to why my activity and production on this blog has been reduced – and why I was kicked off a play-test thing I was doing for FFG – I couldn’t keep up to standards and expectations, which resulted in me collapsing and sleeping for five days, two days before the phd application deadline. So, obviously I’ve been utterly exhausted from life changing events, work, thesis, lack of rest and vacation, but I’m changing that now, or soon, in some way or another.

I’ve also started to look at tickets for going to Texas for Gamer Nation Con next year. Due to the whole “life business” this is going slowly, but I should do it soon, before flights become too expensive. So if you’re attending that, we may actually meet.


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