I should learn …

… not to make promises I can’t keep. Although, while I didn’t promise to go to Plano, Texas for GamerNation CON 2015 (3DOGG), I am. Everything is in order. Sort of. I was of course referring to my talk about and hopes for revising Cartol’s Emporium in time for GNC, or at all really. This hope has more or less been crushed by work (lots of short contracts and crap management at work to put it mildly), tragic events (yet another death, it’s enough now I think) and happy events. So. Eh. Perhaps? Soon? Ever?

Most of the stuff I want to revise or change are aesthetic, it should be noted, and of course I’d like to remove gear, weapons, speeders and/or starships that now appear in officially published material. There’s also the printer friendly version I started working on that needs to be finished. Because of this it’s harder for me to get going as the design layout aesthetic thing while fun, was never my main interest (which I hope is apparent), it takes time and while not particularly hard, it’s just time consuming. Perhaps on the flight…?

I’d also like to thank those that have notified me of broken links to the downloads.

Thanks for the traffic and I hope people enjoy the catalogue!


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