Kyber crystals – Stygium crystal

Rarer than a selfless, altruistic and pacifist Hutt, these crystals are extremely difficult to find and locate, even where they are supposed to exist.

While the crystal is a key component in cloaking devices, some (even rarer) Stygium crystals can also be attuned to force users and be used in lightsabers. Legends tell of these crystals bestowing great powers of illusion upon the wielder.

Stygium crystal

Stygium Crystal
Exceedingly rare by the time of the Empire, this strictly regulated crystal sometimes appear in such a pure state that it can be used in a lightsaber. The blade produced by this crystal is all but silent and the edge of the energy blade seems blurred.

Base Modifiers: Installing this crystal changes a lightsaber’s base damage to 7 and critical rating to 3, and the lightsaber gains the Breach 1 and Sunder weapon qualities. Additionally an attuned wielder of the lightsaber gains Indistinguishable +1. If the crystal is removed, the lightsaber loses those qualities and reverts to its previous base damage and critical rating.
Modification Options: 1 Item Quality (Vicious +1) Mod, 1 when the lightsaber is lit increase level of concealment by one (see page 219 FaD CRB) Mod, 2 Item Quality (Disorient +1) Mods, 1 Item Quality (Ensnare +1; Discipline check to break free, not Athletics) Mod.
Hard Points Required: 3
Cost/Rarity: 16,000/15R


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