Update progress

I have received the core rule book ahead of amazon’s plans, which means that last night I started the slow updating progress.

So far I have:

  • Tweaked some of the qualities, which includes:
    • Renaming Serrated to Barbed, so that it is not confused with the melee weapon attachment in the core book, this has also had its price changed as play-testing on my end left a lot to be wanted. Current price is 1 advantage for +1 damage.
    • Blinding has been changed to require a Vigilance check or be blinded for rounds equal to uncancelled failures.
    • Limited range and auto-fire friendly have both had their drawbacks changed to setback dice rather than upgrades.
    • I have removed Reach – as there was only one weapon with the quality and it proved troublesome to make work properly.
  • I have adjusted a lot of the weapon attachments to reflect the new attachments in the core rule book. Some has been renamed, but most remain the same.
  • I have adjusted cost and benefits from some armours; this also goes for the armour attachments:
    • Since the laminate/heavy battle armours body glove is not stated out like in the beta, I have made a 1.000 credit attachment that basically covers that, plus an advanced version.
    • The vacuum attachment in my catalogue has been tweaked.
  • I have removed starships that now appear in the core book.
    • Although I have not removed the entry for the Wayfarer medium transport, this entry now shows the statistics of the wayfarer with a Hangar module instead, so the entry only contains encumbrance capacity and vehicle complement information, everything else is as per core book. This entry also has suggestions for other modules mentioned in the original write up of the Wayfarer; transportation and sensor module. Also I have suggestions for changes to the statistics without the module.
  • I will look at the speeder entries eventually, but this is at the moment not a vital part of the document; but if you have suggestions, stats or whatever, please feel free to send them to me. Any and all contributions are credited – if you feel forgotten drop me a note, I’m not perfect.

Beyond this I haven’t added much new stuff to the catalogue. I am looking for some stats I know is around somewhere to add. If you have suggestions, comments, criticism, desires or want to contribute please feel free to comment here or message me on the various forums I frequent. Any and all contributions and comments are appreciated and welcome; as long as its starships, gear and fringe related.


(More) Jet packs, fuel and Stealth

So the beta book does not address the issue, and neither did I when I went ahead and produced the high-powered and super-powered jet packs (see previous post).

Now, how – if at all necessary and desirable – would one, or should one, go about making rules for fuel for these contraptions?

Fuel cell capacity and consumption

For the stock jet packs – found in the beta book – I’d go with something like 15 to 20 fuel cells (looking at wookiepedia it seems it varies slightly). 1 round of flight equal 1 fuel cell (whatever speed). I’d go with simplicity over details. Although executing manoeuvres and/or actions that would demand more of the jet pack that its designed for (like using a talent or manoeuvre to boost the speed beyond its stats; or going from stand still to maximum speed in one round) I’d check off another fuel cell (perhaps more with sufficient threats rolled). I think there’s a reason the jet pack doesn’t have hull integrity or strain integrity – its too small and is not a vehicle in the same manner as a speeder. So I don’t want to add that into it.

For the suicidal alternatives I presented in my previous post I’d go with 15 fuel cells for both. Each round used in space (vacuum) requires 2 fuel cells – in addition to the extras from going above and beyond the designed parameters.

For the new Silent Jet pack I’m about to present I’d go with 10 cells, perhaps 15 if being nice, due its limitations and specific use.

Although having these limitations put on the jet pack might discourage use and make jet packs boring. Which shouldn’t be the case, therefore I’d say to only use this if you feel your players are way too dependant upon the jet packs and use them to solve any and all situations… as a general rule I’d say a Despair on any roll – but particularly a Pilot roll causes the Jet Pack to run out of fuel. Depending upon success/failure and advantage/threat the repercussions of this could be immediate falling damage – or perhaps 1 or 2 rounds to attempt to land.

For fuel cells I’d take about 75 to 100 credits per 5 cells, depending upon type of jet pack. Stock being cheaper, Super-powered and Silent being the most expensive at 100 credits per 5 cells.

Jet packs and Stealth

I’d rule that a normal Jet pack adds 2 Setback dice to Stealth checks for sound only, which would be modified for the High-powered, which should receive 3 Setback dice in total, and the Super-powered which should receive 4 in total. This is of course in atmosphere where sound can travel.
In darkness I’d add another 1 or 2 Setback dice for all Jet packs, except if using the Jet Pack presented below.

Z3a Silent Jet Pack
Silhouette: 1
Handling: 0
Pilot (planet)
Cost: 6,500
Rarity: 7
Encumbrance: 3
Notes: This jet pack functions in almost all respects as the stock version jet pack prented in the core rules, with one exception; its silent and produces no illumination from the boosters/jets. How to translate this into the game mechanics is a bit up to GM, player and circumstances. It depends on your perspective and approach to the use of Stealth in this manner. If going for the suggestions I presented above, I’d let it ignore all (or most) Setback dice from sound and illumination and that’d be it. I haven’t tested this, but I think it more balanced than a boost die.

Image from wookiepedia.org

High-powered Jet pack

For those that feel that their current jet pack is too slow, too safe and generally not as good as it should be. Here’s some additional suggestions. These are unarmed versions, feel free to modify that, although I’d up the encumbrance at least by 1 if adding a grenade launcher or anything. I guess I could add Hard Points to these, but that would open a whole new can of worms.

X8 High-powered Jet Pack
Silhouette: 1
Handling: -2
Pilot (planet)/Pilot (space)
Cost: 7,500
Rarity: 8
Encumbrance: 4

The X8 has replaced normal jets with high-powered rocket boosters increasing speed dramatically, but also making handling more difficult. This jet pack can also be used in space if a space suit or similar gear is used to keep the user alive.

X9z Super-powered Jet Pack
Silhouette: 1
Handling: -4
Pilot (planet)/Pilot (space)
Cost: 10,500
Rarity: 8, R
Encumbrance: 5

The X9z is an experimental super-powered jet pack. It increases speed beyond what is safe, sound and sensible, while also decreasing handling below what is desired by even most agile and skilled pilots. Safe to say, it is basically a large rocket that is strapped onto the back of the wearer. This jet pack can also be used in space if a space suit or similar gear is used to keep the user alive.

Image from wookiepedia.org


So the recent Mandalorian document published at the GSA had some gear, some starships and some stats. What was missing was their Clone War era speeders, or swoops. Here is a first take on that, the Balutar-class swoop. This is the unarmed version.

Balutar-class Swoop
Vehicle Type: Speeder bike
Vehicle Model: Balutar-class
Manufacturer: MandalMotors
Maximum Altitude: One kilometre
Crew: One pilot
Passenger Capacity: 1
Encumbrance Capacity: 3
Cost: 7,000 (new), 2,500 (used)
Silhouette: 2
Sensor Range: Close
Speed: 3
Handling: 0
Defence: 0/0
Armour: 1
Hull Integrity: 3
Strain Threshold: 3
Customisation Hard Points: 2

I decided to give it slower speed than some swoops, but an all right handling. Armour was added, since, well, I consider most Mandalorian stuff to be armoured in some way. I gave it a slightly lower hull integrity than some other swoops due to having armour. Encumbrance could perhaps be reduced further.

Image from wookiepedia.org