Rallonia (Work In Progress)

Current Leader:

Fuhrer Jaeger Hoch IV

Government Type:






The population of Rallonia is 98% human. The remaining 2% are augments and well hidden other species. These creatures are the subject of much Rallonina folklore and myth, the majority of the nation having very little to do with the other species.




It is generally temperate in the central and southern regions, growing colder in the north. Summers in the south are hot and dry, warm in central and cool and humid in the north. Winters are chilly in the south and central and relatively dry. Further north the winter is far wetter and colder with occasional snow in the lowlands.


Mostly dry plains in the south east and western regions. Plains and lush grassland dotted with mountainous areas in the south and central area. In the north it is mostly hilly with occasional mountains and plains in the north east with gradually more mountainous areas in the north and north western regions.


Rallonia was in the ancient times the centre of the vast Northern Empire of Ameron. After the Great War most of the Northern Empire had been decimated and its former glory vanished. A once advanced and powerful society found itself thrust into a dark age.

The next 500 years the survivors salvaged what they could from the ruins and struggled to survive. Old conflicts soon resurfaced as civilization regained a foothold and warlords arose leading their tribes against another to claim dominance over the region. In the year 564 AW the warlord Negha Wiel succeeded in uniting the disparate factions in the territory, declaring himself supreme ruler, and naming his newly established nation Rallonia. For the rest of his reign and that of his successors the Wiel dynasty expanded and consolidated most of what constitutes modern day Rallonia.

In 874 AW the 310 year old Wiel dynasty came to an end signalling more turbulent times for Rallonia. For 250 years the country was ruled by various factions in various ways with greatly varying degrees of success. Eachnew leader emerging was a pail reflection of the Wiel dynasty. Rallonia’s neighbours who had galvanised themselves into the nations Huskeara, Zwarden, Galdina and Maltria began conflicts with Rallonia. Each sought retribution for centuries of conflict with the Rallonians. This was dubbed the ‘Shattered Kings era’.

The Rise of the House of Hoch saved Rallonia from itself and its neighbours. The house of Hoch was one of many powerful noble houses who claimed descent from the Wiel dynasty and therefore right to rule. The House of Hoch originally ruled over what is now southern Rallonia. They having few hostile neighbours due to the uninhabited wastelands paste their southern border managed to consolidate an impressive power base. Using diplomatic means both fair and foul the infiltrated and ingratiated themselves into the other ruling houses gathering political strength while engaging the populace with impressive displays of military might and aid when another Ralloninans houses territory came into trouble. Eventually the house of Hoch climbed to the top of Rallonias Heirarchy and assumed power. Jaeger Hoch the first declared himself Fuhrer and supreme ruler of Rallonia in 1112 AW.

The Hoch dynasty is the best thing and the worst thing that has happened to Rallonia. The fuhrers have brought peace and stability to Rallonia but have also become more and more totalitarian. It can be argued that the internal peace of Rallonia is maintained by brutal means with uprisings and civil disobedience being quashed more often than not forcefully. There have been more than a few massacres of Ralloninan civilians at the hands of state forces in order to maintain order. Recently however conflicts with Huskeara have been the States main tool of keeping the population loyal and focused.

Magic and Technology:


Rallonia is considered a low magic nation. While all of its population do have the ability to manifest basic control of catnrips very few Rallonians are born with the capacity to manipulate what they call aether to any great degree. Those that do are often found by the state while they are young and indoctrinated into state run institutions where they are instructed in state sanctioned techniques. Any other practitioners of aether manipulation beyond normal levels who are not state sanctioned are often encouraged to join the state or are incarcerated.

Magical technology and weaponry is extremely rare and almost unheard of in the civilian population. Even the state possess very little in the way of magical technology save for the goliaths and a small number of old tech artifacts.


The most common magical practice is Calliomancy. Aether manipulators are taught to inscribe pattern matrices upon specially treated parchment which are then used as the means to invoke a specific effect.

Theses usually take the form of scrolls. The scrolls are imbued with the latent power and the pattern matrice of the effect all that is needed to activate and direct the effect is a small investment of personal aether.

Calliomancers main duty is to produce scrolls and research aether manipulation for the state. Calliomatic scrolls can be used by anyone who can read them and are a common item to find amongst Ralloninan civilians and military alike. It is a extremely safe and reliable form of magic as the only real danger is present in the creation of scrolls. Calliomancies drawback is that scrolls are easily damaged and therefore unusable. Calliomancers of course have the ability to manipulate the aether on the fly but to a much more limited capacity than other aether manipulators and are often limited to their preparations. However they can unleash many powerful spells quickly and with little or no cost and danger to themselves allowing them far greater longevity, and reliability in many situations. Calliomancers also possess the ability to (after enough training) use more than one pattern formulae during aether manipulation, imprint it upon a variety of surfaces as well as altering and effect by the size and technique of the pattern formulae imprinting. Truly powerful Calliomancers can inscribe vast areas with latent effects, tailor latent spell effects with elaborate results of triggers on many different surfaces, and activate safely and quickly a number of Calliomatic imprintings at a time.


Rallonia was more fortunate than its immediate neighbours in technological terms after the war. Many

intact caches of old technology and various intact facilities meant that straight after the war Rallonia had the tools at its disposal to defend itself and reconstitute its people and territories. Much of this was either depleted or destroyed during the various wars that riddle its history. Currently its general population live in a blend of aspects fromearly twentieth century and industrial age technology.

At the current point most of Rallonia has access to running water and a limited form of electrical power. In many of the cities this energy is drawn from ancient power stations or similar old tech devices and structures. In newer or smaller towns and villages fossil fuels, water and wind power are far more common.

Hand guns and machine gun projectile weapons are readily available. These being the most plentiful weapons left over from the Great War, however though they are plentiful they are usually far too expensive for most civilians. Such weapons are seldom made in recent time and those that are, are mainly for the military. Other plentiful and commonly used technological armaments are ballistic armour and explosives. Hand to hand combat is favoured by most due to reliability and cost. Also due to the rarity of high calibre ranged weapons and the commonplace use of ballistic armour hand to hand weapons are often a better choice when dealing with armoured opponents.

Rallonia possess very little in the way of mechanized technology aside from some factories and infrastructure left from the Great War. Land based vehicles are solely for the military and government with only a few extremely wealthy industrial and private parties possessing them. Rallonia has yet to create and deploy its own air vehicles or goliaths in any notable number or success.

Rallonias military secretly guards its last remaining old technology and is in possession of a number of caches of very advanced artefacts, including Goliaths, energy weapons, long range missiles, and power-armour as well as advanced manufacturing facilities, these are of course closely guarded secrets. As with most other nations they are desperately and quickly researching this lost technology and attempting to reverse engineer it while trying to uncover any undiscovered caches. The Rallonian government will go to any lengths to control the possession and knowledge of old technology within its borders. Possession of old tech by the civilian population is illegal without special permit. Those who possess those permits are usually inventors and scientists sanctioned by the government to carry out research. Being caught in possession of old tech without a permit carries serious penalties regardless of the items concerned even so there is a large black market in Rallonia for such goods.


JhoSSu’leS (Draft)


Culture and the Ajarat Cradle:

Near the mid western edge of Doran above the Lishdom of Tah’Linn and to the West of the Egasha Flat-lands lies the Ajarat Cradle. It is a region of forests and plains surrounded by an almost unnatural ring of mountains. These mountains were formed when a devastating weapon was used to in the Great War to destroy the nation who once dwelt here. The Ajarat Cradle was in times past a bustling metropolis and a centre for trade. A great transportation way of Waygates(?) had been built which allowed the people of this place to access to nearly all of civilization as it once stood so long ago. All that remains of this wonderous city are ruins and extremely the dense currents of ambient mana left in the area. This territory was claimed by a Wind Dragon after the Great War and it distantly watches and occasionally assists the survivors of the war who settled in the area. At first these survivors were humans yet the dense mana around them began to change their physiology and over the past 990 years the human survivors disappeared and only the JhoSSu’les remain.

The JhoSSu’les are humanoids and could pass amongst humans fairly easily, but upon closer examination there are tell tale signs of mutation. Firstly their eye colors are unusual in hue; white, purples and black are common. They are seldom heavy set and their bodies are lithe, limber and mercurial; the stronger of their kind bearing tight & compact muscle tones and possess incredibly strong tendons. Their facial features are unpronounced and soft giving them an eerie beauty. The skeletal structure of the JhoSSu’leS is no longer bone but cartilage and their muscles and organs are considerably less dense and resultantly lighter than the average human. They appear to move with incredible alacrity and their speed is tremendous being able to reach and maintain incredible speeds on foot. Their mutation however has rendered them far weaker and much less hardy than humans; severe injuries often need highly skilled healers who have sufficient knowledge of the JhoSSu’les physiology.

The JhoSSu’leS are a very amiable patient people who are by nature open-minded and quiet. They are respectful of others as long as that respect is returned. They believe in privacy and seldom pry or gossip only ever interfering in another’s business if there is certainty of a severe problem endangering a JhoSSu’leS. They can come off as rather distant and aloof to other races but never rude or brash.

They have a rational approach to religion and faith due to their exposure to so many other cultures beliefs (explained later) and believe one should find out as much as one can about the ‘Paths of the Spirit’ before choosing any particular one. It is also forbidden to force worship upon another no matter how strong the conviction may be, as a JhoSSu’leS saying states: “The right path is chosen not forced.”

JhoSSu’les culture is based around family units or JhoS. These Jhos are comprised of a matriarch and patriarch who are expected to either create their own homesteads within the Cradle or swear fealty to and join a pre-existing family usually one of the parents. Some homesteads can grow to be large towns in size and the families in charge of these large settlements are the loudest voices in the nation’s politics. Other powerful families are those in control of raw materials, good farmland, and trade points, this leads to a good spread of power over the nation and very little corruption as there is no central bureaucracy, or currency, trade is done via barter and relative worth. Problems are settled between families quietly and seldom violently. To many outsiders the JhoSSu’leS society is somewhat Utopian in its cohesion. Families leave each other to their own affairs and deal with their own problems. When a problem arises that one family cannot solve which endangers them or others another family will step in join them and deal with it.

All JhoSSu’leS upon reaching adulthood are sent to Niji’Sur where they are given basic military training and equipment at the fort there. The JhoSSu’leS forces have a total of 15 ranks each represented by the weaving pattern used to create their Aydglon uniforms. The higher the rank the more intricate and potent the patters are, the higher ranking patterns imbuing the robes with remarkable strength and flexibility. The tradition of martial training and the importance of continued practice make the JhoSSu’leS a disciplined and united people despite what might seem as a fairly fragmented social structure. Information is passed between families rapidly via messengers and carrier birds and it is seen as a good quality to be and keep others well informed. When trouble does make its way to the Ajarat Cradle the JhoSSu’les will already know and be waiting well prepared.

In the centre of Ajarats cradle lie the ruins of the pre war transportation system now known as Niji’Sur. The JhoSSu’leS have explored and reactivated some surviving gateways to other places in Pentarus.

They are a people who hold the adage strength through experience very close to their hearts and this is largely due to their discovery of the gates. They believe it to be the Wind Dragons will that they travel through the gates and into the world for if it were not the Wind Dragons desire he would surely stop them.

Travel through the gates is a ceremonial affair which takes place soon after a sighting of the Wind Dragon which is seen as a sign. JhoSSu’les eager to prove themselves and gain respect for their families compete for the honor to take this journey, the contests surrounding this selection are usually games held on the plains involving events which test the full spectrum of the competitors abilities, many families come to the meetings to compete, trade, arrange marriages and share news.

Fewer JhoSSu’leS are returning from their travels in recent years which has caused some concern amongst the more powerful families who have begun to forbid their members (and heirs) from competing and traveling the Niji’Sur. Those that do return are forever regarded as heroes and the knowledge and skills they bring back to the JhoSSu’leS continue to diversify and strengthen these enigmatic people. They have even begun the renovation of a part of the Niji’Sur ruins and plan to pool their knowledge in a great library allowing all JhoSSu’leS to access it readily.

-5 -5 +5 +10 +2 +0 +0 +0 +15 +40 +10 +10 +10

Lifespan: 120 – 150

Height: 4’6 – 5’8

Lightning Reflexes: +5 to initiative

Blazing Speed: +5 BMR

Jumping: 3x BL to jump

Immune to broken bones: where this is mentioned in a critical replace with nerve or muscle damage, however healing such injuries takes double the time unless treated by someone knowledgeable in JhoSSu’leS physiology


JhoSSu’leS Weavers: The JhoSSu’leS use the metal Aydglon to weave garments of incredible strength and flexibility. There are 15 weaving patterns in the JhoSSu’les repertoire. The most complex and intricate patterns known only by a few master weavers and have possess great physical and mystical power. Such garments are only reserved for the greatest heroes or the most respected and richest families. Aydglon is a metal occurring in great abundance in the area and is linked to the Air Dragon by JhoSSu’leS mythology. It is often found very close to the surface of the ground and is a dull silver in color. It can be brought to a remarkable shine via certain patterning but only by the most skilled JhoSSu’leS weavers. This pattern is called the Air Dragons Dance.

# of OB MB’s: # of DB MB’s: Cost X: Man Bonus: Casting Modifier:
4* 4 ** 10*** 0.5

* Only flexible weapons such as whips, bow strings, garrotes etc

** Only known weavers are the JhoSSu’leS and only given within their people. A stolen robe of the weakest pattern fetches around 30,000. Imitations or if another way to use Aydglon then 15-20k

*** Dependent on patter usually raised in increments of +5 to Man Bonus

JhoSSu’leS Mounts:

Ajarat Oryx
Level: Size: BMR: Initiative: DB: Hits: Attacks: ST: WI: MG:
4 M 25′ 25 55 200 M-KR 65L-PU 80 45 45 55

The Ajarat Oryx is a slightly mutated genus of Antelope. They exhibit increased size (small horse), speed and intelligence. They have a greatly different temperament to others of their kind being less skittish and fearful, instead being far more confident and inquisitive. These tendencies have made them the mounts of choice for the JhoSSu’leS for as long as they have lived in the cradle