HARP Sci-Fi is beard rpg by Guild Companion Publications Limited.

Recently released in its final edition. Both PDFs and print version can be bought from DriveThruRPG

Eventually, hopefully, I will post stuff from my sci-fi games here. When I have had a chance to start one properly and make me own glorified stuff.

I have two ideas for this game. One is a sci-fi version of Pentarus – either before the Great War, or after, but set out in space. This would be more of a space fantasy adventure setting than a SF-setting. The other idea is basing it off a series I just started reading, the Mars-trilogy by K. S. Robinson. I don’t know if it would be a good fit at all, but hey, once I’ve finished the series I’ll know more about just that.

I was also at one point wondering about a Star Wars-hack for this system, but with FFGs new system I’m not sure it would be any point to such a endeavour for my part as I enjoy the new system tremendously.