GMLovlie’s Cubicle!

Welcome to the Cubicle!™

This space, rectangular as it is, is a growing archive of my home brewery. What do I brew? Mostly non-alcoholic, non-edible side orders that goes well with alcohol or just plain sugar or MS-causing aspartam. At least I think so. It goes well with food and snacks too, usually together with three or four other people. It should be shared freely and willingly.

I have been in the “business” of creating my own worlds, house-rules and the like for about 20 years now. That is not bragging or a badge of honour, neither does it imply that my stuff is good, well thought out or balanced for gameplay with any and all groups – on the contrary, this stuff should be tested, adjusted and often thrown out of the game before you add it. So what is the point of this space? Well, while the “produce” you find here might not be good (or at all usable), the idea might inspire you to do it better, and might possibly give you a direction on what you already wanted to do, have already done or something like that. I don’t actually expect many people to read this stuff, so the site is mainly for stroking my own ego in a gentle manner.

In case anyone actually read this I can inform you that the games I have been playing the last 15 years or so are mainly the various Star Wars RPGs and HARP. I have also dabbled in BRP and many others, but Star Wars, HARP and BRP are games which will be presented here because it is for these games I have home brewed stuff accessible (older games are hidden away on CDs, ZIP-discs and the like). For the curious and observant guest it will be obvious that there is already quite a deal of HARP related stuff and even some BRP – I have no Star Wars material pre-EotE on this site.

I’ll never demand money, compensation or anything for any of this (except due credits for being awesome if I actually made something you found useful for your own set of house rules) – as its not my place to do so, actually it would be illegal for me to do so. I try my best to not infringe upon any copyrighted material, all I produce should be of my own making, of course any and all trademarks and rights are reserved for the respective owners, be they FFG, LucasFilm, Disney or IronCrown/GCP or Chaosium. I mean I do refer to their books and sites, I do not reproduce what is in their books.

So if you actually bothered to read all that, thank you, enjoy the site and welcome back.