This site contains information about Pentarus™, a setting (still) in the making.

The setting is primarily intended for High Adventure Role Playing (HARP Fantasy) by Iron Crown Enterprises/Guild Compantion Publications.

There is now campaign guidelines for BRP by Chaosium here. This includes character generation guidelines and rules options used in Pentarus, in addition to some house-rules for BRP. Some of the already existing Pentarus material has received tentative BRP mechanical updates.

Here you will be able to find information about the planet of Pentarus, its continents and history (in time at least).

A few new, and relatively original races I would dare to claim, are listed and in the making. In addition several house-rules and concept-rules will in time be posted, some of which have been play-tested, some of which haven’t.

As stated its a work in progress. Its made by individuals who live in separate places and in different countries.

For the stuff that we’ve summoned from the depths of our collective warped imaginations, browse the menu under Pentarus above. For the latest entries click on the new entries on the top bar. If you want to do something else, like reading poetry or reading about other stuff, or games, click one of the links on the right sidebar or browse the other categories.


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