Career and specialisation … and a certain need.

So this place has been dead for years, nothing has been posted. Except for some visual updates (and messing about), and added files to the download section (same old files, but no longer hosted on dropbox or google drive). Just go look around. You’ll find them. If you don’t have them already. And by this time they are quite dated, completely outdated is perhaps more fitting, at least the weapons, gear, armour, starships, and speeders. But not the place, the scenario-stepping-stone-area as I like to call it.

So, I had a career change soon two years ago, and I am hastily shambling toward a new specialisation.

With this comes a need. I feel the need. A need, not for speed, but for a loving distraction.

It has been six years this February since the Emporium was finished and released. I never did get around to make a printer-friendly version, or to update it, or finish the other supplements I had planned.

Furthermore, the fledgling ideas I had and presented in the Emporium, the rules additions, story-hooks and plot-seed, are all glaring at me now, in dire need of revision, removal, update, explanation, clarification, and in most cases, simplification.

And of course, the Emporium deserves additions. An expansion. For instance, a comment on the various eras the Emporium may appear in. And more, other fun stuff…

So who knows. I got some old updated software running again, no time for distractions (the best time for distractions being fruitful?), and my intent set on doing something. Anything.

Starship modifications: Multiple instances of same attachment

This is a very old and unpublished post discussing multiple instances of identical attachments. I present it here updated and somewhat revised. It is fun to read this years later and see that I still have the same basic approach.

One obvious example of this is the weapon attachment, multiple instance of identical or different weapons may be attached as turrets or in fixed positions. While some might take issue with the fact that linked weapons do not take up more CHPs than a single weapon, bear in mind that it is one attack roll, and after Linked 3 it makes little sense to add more weapons, as 6 advantages itself is a pretty rare occurrence.

Now, how about the rest of the attachments?

I would argue that multiple instances of identical non-weapon attachments should be fine, if this is what the players really want. Hard points on starships are few, so if players really want to spend them like that, I’d be ok with it.

There are some considerations to take into account.

  • Some attachments may not at all make sense to take twice, like Nightshadow Coating from Fly Casual. Adding a second reinforced shield generator on the other hand can make sense. It’s ultimately up to the GM, but I’d err on the side of generosity, just keep in mind the below suggestions.
  • Adding a second instance of an attachment should increase cost and/or difficulty of installation (if you make your players roll for that). It also makes sense to have the difficulty of modification options start at an increased or upgraded difficulty.
  • Consider adding setback dice to Mechanics checks and/or Computer checks when aboard the ship, repairing the ship.
  • Consider adding setback dice to other checks involving the ship or the systems affected by the attachment.
  • Consider adding upgrades instead of or in addition to the setback dice, as per the above.
  • Present in-game obstacles and troubles due to these irregular alterations and modifications of the starship. Fines, inspections, and so on.
  • Have fun with it.

Genesys, Cypher system and new and old worlds

This blog has for a long time been dedicated to the Star Wars roleplaying game by Fantasy Flight Games. Initially it was dedicated to a world created by me and a few collaborators. This work was never finished.

Going forward, this blog will continue to be dedicated to roleplaying games, Star Wars will of course be part of this, but my exploration of other game systems and storyverses will play a larger part.

Currently I’m not running any games myself, but I’m participating in a game run by one of my players, the game is called Symbaroum. When I will run a game again is currently a bit up in the air, but it looks like something may happen this autumn. It won’t be Star Wars.

Over the last few of years there has been a slew of new (and old) games successfully funded through sites like Kickstarter. Games like Coriolis, 7th Sea second edition, and Mutant Year Zero to name three. I have supported several games in this way, some of which are already out, some of which are still in various stages of production.

The next stage of this blog and my gaming will see the exploration of these new and old games. As the previous post alluded to I’ve been toying around with world creation again, and an old favourite system of mine: HARP – the science fiction version.

While FFG’s system for the Star Wars game is close to a perfect system, it was until recently a closed system, that is to say a system only designed for running Star Wars. Several “hacks” have been made by fans of the system to fit fantasy type games or post-apocalyptic games.

With this generic version called Genesys coming out, this system makes itself a convenient target for world creation, as well as adaptations of existing storyverses with no RPG license of their own.

It enters into the company of several system that are designed as enablers of storytelling. From BRP and HARP to the Cypher system and numerous others. Some of these are easy and simple systems, quick to play and adapt, whereas others require more customisation and/or effort.

Over the next several weeks and months I’m hoping to test, explore and experience new storyverses and systems. The ultimate goal is an experiment that will result in something… enjoyable. Hopefully.

This experiment will be documented and presented elsewhere, when and if there will be something to present.

For now I’d like to thank any visitor, whether you were looking for my PDFs, hoping I’d written up some new stats or just stumbled across this site randomly while looking for something related to this hobby, or not.

New project …?

Hola, bandola!

It has been a while since I had an ongoing project – excluding the never-completed update of Cartol’s Emporium, that’s not happening by the way. There is no reasons to anymore. So many books have been published, I’m not sure if any of the ships I put in the catalogue remains unstated by FFG. Same thing with a lot of the gear. I may, perhaps, one day, remake it into a shorter supplement consisting mainly of the optional house-rules and ideas for how to improve/change the game to fit certain styles of play.

But before I get into that, I’ll move back to HARP, more specifically HARP SF. I’m not done with Star Wars, I don’t think I’ll ever be, but I need a different storyverse and rule system for a while. Somewhere I can tell my own, different stories. Stories not bound by the tropes of Star Wars.

So, I’m making my own storyverse.

Currently the setting is loosely based on the HARP SF setting Tintamar, but that is merely a framework that serves as a starting point – you could arguably also call Expanse, Alien, Prometheus, 2001 a space odyssey, Oblivion and Arrival starting points each and every one of them. The ambition is to move beyond that, and make something of my own. Something that is not Tintamar (or any of the other influences I mentioned), but still be used with HARP SF without too much tweaking or adjustments of what can be found in the two existing books for that game.

Currently Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) is rather restrictive, as I understand it, when it comes to publishing stuff using their systems. So here’s to them adopting an attitude more along the lines of MonteCook Games and other companies.

I may end up having to use the Cypher system if ICE doesn’t change their stance by the time I have a manuscript done.

Going hard…sci-fi?


Our campaign ended a little while back. In short, it got complicated, there were some betrayals, but it ended good. With everyone dead. Real heroic like. Star Wars Rogue One-style – except no Death Star, but thousands of metric tons of stones and falling rocks.

Instead of having a break, or starting up another Star Wars game straight away, we decided to try some of my other games. We settled on HARP SF. A game I was part of testing many years ago, but never really ran a proper campaign in. It is highly recommended if you want something a bit more gritty, deadly and “sciency” than games like Numenera, Star Wars and the like. It’s got a high level of detail, many skills, high potential mortality rate – yet it is no Rolemaster or Spacemaster.3

My game is set in a version of the included setting: Tintamar. Tweaks include: no FTL or alien species, the gravitic drives are not as unaffected by the orbits of the planets and the sun’s gravity as in the presented setting. And of course, history, dates and years have been shuffled around, events and other stuff not fleshed out a lot has been fleshed out, differently.

Inspirations for my game comes from numerous sources: Blade Runner, Prometheus, Avatar, Alien, The Expanse, Babylon 5, Farscape, Stargate SG-1, Oblivion, Elysium, and that’s just the visual media.

I call my version Sepsis. It’s a corrupt version of Tintamar, it’s a world where everything is controlled by mega corporations and dictatorship-like governments. The recent establishment of the Terran Federation could be seen as a kin of the Alliance in Firefly. It’s Earth-centric, but supports Mars and Venus. These inner planets are strong, if reluctant and suspicious allies. The Federation also includes the Belter League and the Jovian Confederacy, who supports and receive support from a few colonies in the Saturnian system.

The solar system is suffering under the weight of the power struggles between the political factions, new and old militaristic faction, and a growing market for illicit goods and services that the various political factions are powerless to control and the various militaries and police forces struggle to pin down, define and root out.

The years is 2282, Eris is almost 30 years past its perihelion and a brave new outpost has been established there. The Syndicate is increasing activities outside the belt, and the Terran Federation has produced its first new battleships. Some independent operatives on their way home from Eris must decelerate to investigate some irregular signals (maybe a mayday?) deep in the Saturnian system.