FFG Star Wars RPG supplements

This page lists the various supplements I’ve compiled. At the moment 2 of these exists. Any supplements I create in the future will also be listed here. Eventually. Additionally it also lists other resources that I find important to emphasise for other Edge of the Empire players and GMs, particularly GMs in some cases.

Cartol’s Emporium of Useful things: the catalogue of shinies
This unofficial supplement includes a lot of the material previously presented in the Free-traders and Freebooters’ Catalogue, so it contains a bunch of space transports and some smaller and larger ships, but also weapons, gear, armour, mysteries, adversaries and allies, house-rules and suggestions, space combat expansion and stuff like that. It also features new item/weapon qualities and new attachments to both starships and weapons; both ranged and melee.
You can find the final version on Google Drive and Dropbox.

The Mandalorian war machine [under revision]

Originally published on the GSA‘s site I also link to the document here. This short document contains NPC stats for Mandalorians in various shapes and forms. Additionally some gear and some starships.
You can find it on Google Drive and Dropbox.

Other people and their good stuff
There are particularly three other sites I’d like to recommend, that is the d20radio blog/online magazine, Triumph & Despair and the d20 Radio Forums.

The d20radio website has lots of resources related to GMing, playing, but also reviews and other things. It’s a great site for inspiration and finding well made fan-brew for FFG’s Star Wars rpg and other roleplaying games.

Triumph & Despair is a good resources for GMing. The author has lots of good ideas for generating encounters more or less on the fly, and other ideas for how to solve different situations, uses of fear and skills. Well worth a good long look in my opinion. I also link to these sites on the right sidebar.

From the guys behind the Species Menagerie you have Donovan’s blog and Cyril’s blog. Well worth a look both of them. Another d20radio regular’s blog (and co-host on the ORder 66 podcast) that should be checked out for those that want to add Jedi to their game is DarthGM’s blog.

The d20 Radio forums are filled with nice people that come with good and knowledgeable feedback, in a polite and constructive tone. The Order 66 podcast has recently gone from Saga Edition to Edge of the Empire (or FFG-edition).



15 thoughts on “FFG Star Wars RPG supplements

  1. Thanks for the link! I returned the favor. I also updated my front page since finding out others may actually be visiting. 🙂

      1. Great – thank you. I will start a SW-campaign in a few days. Cartol’s Emporium is a very good ressource and when Mandalorians will become a theme, Mandalorian war machine.is also great!

      2. No trouble.

        I’m delighted that people use the stuff I’ve made, it makes it that much more meaningful.

        In time the Mandalorian document will be updated.

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