Saras Vanti

The Origin of Saras Vanti:-

The Village of Karmia Arahna lies upon the eastern shore of the Fah Deip Lake, which lies far to the north of Gershin city. The village is a peaceful and isolated place where the pinnacle of excitement by day is the local trade of fishing and by night the time honored tradition of getting drunk and boasting over the size of ones freshly caught fish. This usually takes place in the village tavern, The Shady Prowly. It was 15 years ago when two strangers entered the tavern, not many travelers come to Karmia Arahna and thus it was something of an occasion. The two strangers were a man who carried himself with the bearing of a warrior and a small child of no more than 5 years. They stayed in the village and the man bought a shack on the outskirts near to the Longthorn Woods with gold that while pure bore markings on it no one could place. The townsfolk gossiped and surmised that the warrior and the child in his care must have been fleeing from some far away place, and they were right.

After the two strangers had acclimatized to their new surroundings the boys training began. The village children would often come to the old shack and watch the warrior instruct the boy in ways of warfare and survival unlike anything they had seen or heard of from the merchants who occasionally came to trade. As the boy grew older and stronger the lessons become stranger and more varied. The boys mentor taught him to read and write in a variety of alien tongues and taught him the arts of subterfuge and craftiness. As the boy grew older still the villagers would huddle in the tavern at night and hear strange sounds and see peculiar lights emanating from the shack at the edge of the forest and whispers about demons and magic were common. Yet no action was taken as the strangers caused no harm, and in fact more than once dealt with threats to the village that came forth periodically from the Lontorn Woods.

With the boys advancing age came an unruly willfulness and his desire to leave the village grew. He did not achieve this goal for some time under the strict enforcement of his mentor. Hunters from the village still recall with laughter the times they found the boy hanging from his feet in one of his mentor’s snares.

On the boys sixteenth year he became a man and the warrior bestowed upon him the name Saras-Vanti as was the custom of their people. The next few years saw the end of Saras-Vanti’s training and the end of his mentors life who died peacefully with Saras at his side. In documents left for him by his guardian Sara’s learnt of his origins and his purpose. They had come from lands far to the south where the great deserts span for as far as the eye can see, their people were driven almost to destruction by an ancient foe who would hound them to the ends of the earth. Saras was to go forth seek his brethren, return home and root out the enemy Thurbis Ooloi who had conquered his people. Still young and fool hardy the boy weighed his options; stay in the village become a fisherman and marry the tavern keepers daughter, or embark upon a great adventure into the dangerous unknown.

The villagers who came to the shack the next day found a freshly covered grave with a headstone carved in symbols they did not understand, and no trace of Saras-Vanti…



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