The Stonehewn (draft)

“These creatures of stone are nigh but a myth, made in old times to scare people of less bravery than us, than modern men. And perhaps those of House Jeh’Arn , but not us, of House Oeh’Nar.”

The Stonehewn is an ancient race of magically conceived sentient creatures. Some are humanoid in shape and size, whilst others are smaller and others again are larger, some much larger. Humans for many millennia have not seen the Stonehewn and the Threel haven’t been in contact with them much since the fading of the Great War, but know that few still remain after the devastating millennia long war. Only one group or, nation of humans knows of the Stonehewn as a historical fact, or at least legend with roots in reality. This is Quein.

The Stonehewn are beings created by stone and as such resemble the element which the came from. The most ’common’ adult Stonehewn is shorter than an adult human, but also a lot wider, usually dark grey skin with what seems like cracks. They are incredibly strong and heavy, able to take severe punishment and still stand up right. The Stonehewn rarely grow any sort of hair, but when they do it is usually thick and coarse, and most often takes the form of a beard, adorning their wide, yet humanoid face. They have four digit hands and feet, with slightly abnormally large hands and feet.

Stonehewn have a natural affinity with stone and the element of earth, having the innate ability to shape and mould stone with their will; this usually requires two Stonehewn to perform and is their way of reproducing, creating more Stonehewn. Creating more Stonehewn requires a large amount of mana and cannot be performed on just any type of stone; rather it must be performed inside their underground settlements at what could be called the heart of the complex (before the Great War they had cities like most other races, but even at this point they had to go underground to create their offspring).

Stonehewn have no gender, although some might seem more feminine than others, this is purely a personality difference that occur naturally, but also closely combined with geophysical and geological peculiarities at the place of their Creation of Fate (i.e. birth) and the “parents'” Intention of Fate. They understand the concept of having two genders, but also see this as a social obstacle. From this it naturally comes that others, especially humans, see them as less than adaptable and out of touch with reality. Naturally this is not the case, but a certain social stagnation and one sidedness does emerge in the older settlement, but also varies between settlements. Stonehewn that travel the world (which is unheard of since way back during the Great War) are more, one could say, multi-faceted.


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