Ongoings and going ons.

So. I’m running a game. I have been for about 8ish months now. It’s going great, so great in fact I barely have time to produce new stuff, for RPG or this site. It’s sad really, but when I was starting to get into using some more time on making new stuff, one of my players declared he would be starting a game of his own, so that I could get to play too (at least that’s how I choose to see it.)

The campaign I’m running is up on Obsidian Portal, if you’re that kind of person, you can have a look and read about it here. We want to have a good adventure log, as it is kind of fun to chronicle the deeds and misdeeds of the characters in the ongoing story (and it’s helpful for players that don’t get to come every session.) The wiki is also growing.

So, I have a lot on my plate, work (more and more responsibilities), life partner, hobbies… The RPG team is finishing up work on the beginner game adventure Shadow over  Tarkintown, they are doing an amazing job (I’ve been involved, but a lot less than I’ve wanted to). The group is also starting work on the Rebels season two sourcebook. I hope to be more involved on that one. If time allows. The new sourcebook will also include information from parallel comic book series Kanan: The Last Padawan series, check more about the season two project here.

In other news, Gamernation Con 3: Beyond Thunderdome happened a couple of weeks back. I went this year too. It was well worth it. While I’m not big on cons, I find this little con to be really nice, inclusive and exciting. I guess it’s the communal feeling, it all happens in two big rooms, 150 people, lots of games. No wonder most GMs have ruined their voice by the last day. It’s also nice to meet what amounts to celebrities of this hobby in a very informal manner. This year this included: Christopher West from Maps of Mastery and Rodney Thompson, designer and design-team member of Star Wars Saga Edition, D&D 4th edition and 5th edition, as invited guests. Additionally Sterling Hershey, Sam Stewart and Keith Kappel showed up too, a very friendly and sociable gang. All in all a good experience. Sadly, next year it seems the con has to get a new venue, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but neither is it necessarily a good thing. The communal feeling of gaming at DGM can hardly be reproduced anywhere else, nor should it of course. Gamernation Con: Episode 4 A New Hope will be something new, it will be different. Hopefully it will be equally good and social.

I’m still looking at ways of improving and adding to the game, so perhaps in time I’ll post some of the stuff I’ve used for my campaign – after adjustments from having been exposed to my players.


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